Welcome to the Biomass Commodity Exchange (BCEX)

The Biomass Commodity Exchange (“BCEX”) project is charged with creating an implementation plan for a commodity exchange as a means to increase the efficiency of the supply chain providing biomass to the existing biobased fuels industries and the emerging concept of the forest biorefinery. The implementation plan also examines the future trade of closed-loop energy crops, such as willow, poplar and switchgrass and as an approach to offset CO2 emissions through synergies created with other regulated exchanges such as the Chicago Climate Exchange.

We invite you to review the following pages to learn more about BCEX, about BCEX educational events and to pose relevant questions and observations regarding the project. We value and appreciate all input.

The project has been funded by the generous grants and support from WE Energies, the US Department of Agriculture, Focus on Energy, Wisconsin Public Service Corporation, New Page and the Biorefinery Deployment Collaborative.

The BCEX project is administered by CleanTech Partners. The project coordinator is Heartland Business Consultants.

The Biomass Commodity Exchange trading platform – central system and communications network – is under development. Please check back for periodic updates.

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